The Foreigner

The Foreigner There are actors for whom it seems not to spend time, Full Movie even if they engage in action movies. The proof we have with those venerable gentlemen who have united in Los Mercenarios to give war just before entering the asylum. But if they’re ready to fight, Jackie Chan gives them all soda soups.

The Foreigner

The Foreigner

The Foreigner Full Movie

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Release Date: September 20, 2017
Rating: 7.9

Of course, in his new film he flees from the action comedy and focuses on a more dramatic role. But of course, without losing sight of who is Jackie Chan and who is ready to put in place the bad guys.

The Foreigner tells the story of a father to whom an IRA attack has killed his son. He will try to get the authorities to help him find the culprits and bring them to court. But that does not happen, so he will try to take justice by his hand, finding and killing those responsible for the death of his son. Along the way the politicians will get involved and there will be a hard struggle for what he considers fair and what others consider necessary.

The direction of the film is in charge of Martin Campbell, the person in charge of Casino Royale and it has a distribution that is headed, besides by the Chinese actor, by Pierce Brosnan in the paper of the politician who will initiate the problem with the personage of Jackie Chan. We will also find names like Charlie Murphy, Katie Leung, Simon Kunz, Rory Fleck Byrne, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Stephen Hogan and Dermot Crowley.

The film will show a Jackie Chan as active as ever, although this time he will make more mistakes, because he is not a hero, but a worried father and although he will delight us with everything that makes him great, the role also requires an acting intensity that Not usually appearing in the popular actor’s film. Of course, we know you can do it, so it’s no surprise. Let’s look at the trailer and tell us what you think, okay?

Although Chan is known for performing martial arts choreographies with comic elements, he will work with Martin Campbell, who is responsible for the film “Casino Royale” and will play a very different character.

Jackie will play Ngoc Minh Quan, a retired soldier, who suffers the loss of his daughter to an explosion by an Irish terrorist group. Now, using all his resources, Quan will look for the identity of the killers.

Pierce Brosnan will play a director who hides the truth behind the attacks. Chan will produce the film alongside Wayne Marc Godfrey and Arthur M. Sarkissian, and is based on the novel “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather.

Despite consolidating himself as a comedy-focused action actor, Jackie Chan has endeavored every so often to tap into darker, more dramatic tapes. From Crime Story to Heart of the Dragon or The Shinjuku Incident, Jackie Chan has been featured on various tapes, so it should come as no surprise that he appears in a story like The Foreigner, opposite Pierce Brosnan.

Jackie plays the owner of a restaurant in London’s Chinatown, who loses his daughter in a terrorist attack at the hands of Irish extremists. The gentle immigrant will not rest until he finds those responsible for his tragedy, which will be an odyssey that will lead him to collide with Brosnan’s character, who apparently has links to the perpetrators of the attack.

The film is based on a 1992 novel of the same name and has Martin Campbell (007: Casino Royale – 95%) behind the camera. Jackie prepared consciously and determinedly for this role: “I tried to imagine how I would feel in going through such a situation; Losing a loved one in an act of senseless violence. “

Brosnan remarked to USA Today that Jackie kept his cheerful spirit on the set, but when it came to filming the scenes, his dramatic features came into play and became more lugubrious. Campbell also mentioned that the fighting style used by Jackie on tape is less acrobatic and more focused on military-style combat techniques. For those who do not yet know the most serious side of the martial arts star this is a great opportunity to see it on the big screen.

Martin Campbell, director of some works like Casino Royale, GoldenEye, Vertical Limit, The Mask of the Fox, Green Lantern or To the Limit; Has released the first trailer of his new movie, The Foreigner, with Pierce Brosman and Jackie Chan to the beat of his compass.

The film narrates the life of the character played by Chan, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in London, who, after seeing how his daughter is murdered in an IRA terrorist attack, will decide to take matters into his own hands.

The film narrates the life of the character played by Chan, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in London, who, after seeing how his daughter is murdered in an IRA terrorist attack, will decide to take matters into his own hands.

The film, a co-production between the UK and China, is an adaptation of a novel by Britain’s Stephen Leather, published in 1922 and titled The Chinaman. It will hit the Chinese theaters on September 30th.

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